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An issue of Unity that features articles on the settlement of international disputes, labor in Italy and Germany, and book reviews.

An advertising bulletin for The Remedy, a book that seeks to stop war by building character.
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Addams, explains how a league of neutral nations can be used to begin negotiations to end the war.
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The Woman's Peace Party outlines steps that peace activists can take once war is declared.

Royden telegrams that British speakers are willing to attend the upcoming meeting if an international platform is part of the meeting.

Wells asks Addams to write about the International Congress of Women's work for the New Zealand press.

Thomas sends Addams materials from the Daughters of the American Revolution that should be spread widely.

Thomas suggests ideas on publicizing the fight against allowing military drills in schools.

Thomas discusses possible candidates for president and the idea of forming a new party.
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Addams's speech on her return from Europe detailed the work of the International Congress of Women and her ideas on peace.
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Addams discusses her work with the International Congress of Women, the delegations to European leaders, and her views on the need for peace. The event was held at the Chicago Auditorium and attended by both peace activists and the general public, and chaired by Charles L. Hutchinson.

Wegener praises Addams for the Woman's Peace Party's resolution.

Montgelas informs Addams that Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg has agreed to meet her later that day.

Advertisement announcing the publication of The Enemy and The Fool by Channing Pollack.

Warbasse tells Addams that she cannot attend the Woman's Peace Party annual meeting, but supports keeping the organization focused on pacifism and internationalism.

Südekum tells Addams that either the German Chancellor or Secretary of the State will meet with her the next day.

Manus and Jacobs strongly advise against Balch's proposal to hold a meeting of the International Women's Committee for Permanent Peace.

Jacobs and Manus tell Addams that the planned International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace meeting has been postponed.

Jacobs and Manus ask Addams for her opinion about the peace plan proposed by Germany.

Aletta and Manus vote for the peace conference to be held in May in Holland.

Jacobs and Manus telegram Addams that they cannot hold an International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace meeting in Copenhagen due to travel restrictions.

Jacobs and Manus inform Addams that the upcoming peace meeting has been postponed indefinitely.

Jacobs and Manus update Addams on the results of a poll on holding a Congress After the War.

Jacobs and Manus discuss options for the peace movement in light of Addams' poor health and travel difficulties for European delegates.

Jacobs and Manus ask Addams for updates on decisions being made about the headquarters of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, and ask for updates of activities in the United States.