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Addams spoke at a memorial meeting for Iroquois Theater fire victims, organized by the Chicago Teacher's Federation, about the dangers of overlooking violations in fear of being seen as bad people.
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Addams praises Judge Tuley for his dedication to the law and evenhanded decisions.

Addams gives a memorial address for Shaw, highlighting Shaw's involvement in the woman's suffrage movement and religious education.

Addams discusses the pros and cons of child insurance.
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Addams' memorial to Henry Demarest Lloyd discusses his life and character.

Dewey writes of the grief that the family felt over the death of Gordon Dewey, apologizing for not being better communicators.

Post tells Woods that she is sending a letter regarding the death of Alice House and that the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom may be among her heirs.

Woods tells Addams that the Pax Special delegates have boarded ship and are on the way back to Europe.

Woods updates Addams on the Pax Special events in Ottawa.
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Addams pays tribute to the work and deeds of her recently departed friend Anna Eliza Nicholes.

Spencer tells Addams of her husband's death and her optimism for peace in the world.

Haldeman updates Addams about her personal will and her mother's will.

Haldeman tells Addams about the aftermath of her mother's death and of the small-pox epidemic in Girard.

Haldeman-Julius tells Addams about the funeral of Anna Hostetter Haldeman Addams.
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Brenner sends Addams a letter from Bruno Lasker and sends news of Paul Kellogg's health.

Ford informs Addams that due to her mother's passing she cannot devote herself to the peace movement any longer, and goes on to discuss governmental influences on the movement.

Urie tells Addams about her family, some friends, and her sorrow at Laura Dainty Pelham's death.

Marshall tells Addams about the plans for the Hague Conference and discusses the death of her father and the toll it took on her family.

Karaveloff tells Addams that the grief over the death of her grandson while she was in America had delayed her sending thanks for hospitality.

Pierce sends Addams information regarding locating and photographing the graves of American soldiers in France.

A report of the death of American publicist Charles Zueblin.

Gambier-Bousfield sends condolences to Addams on the death of her nephew John Addams Linn.

Karsten notifies Addams of Nicholes' passing and of a future meeting held by the Woman's City Club.

Martin points out an error, regarding Addams' age when Lincoln died, in her autobiographical article in The American Magazine.

Slayden thanks Addams for her sympathy and hopes the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom will open a Texas branch.