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Catt reports that Aletta Jacobs is en route to New York and seeks assistance in meeting with Wilson. Catt is concerned that World War I will spread to Scandinavia and Southern Europe.

Ramsay informs Addams that the women of Canada do not support the peace movement.

Lewis updates Addams on peace work in Philadelphia and discusses family holiday plans.

A "Rreal American Citizen" calls for a boycott of subsidized newspapers due to their warmongering.

Addams tells Karsten that she agrees that peace workers should be willing to do Red Cross work if the need arises.

Thomas informs Moore that the Woman's Peace Party does not plan to volunteer its members en masse for war work should the war be joined.

Wald tells Addams that Francis Carey opposed their Wilson letter and remarks on her recent visit with Addams and the situation in Russia.

Atkinson criticizes Addams's continued work for peace, claiming that the time has come to support the war effort.

Zueblin argues that Prussian militarism is the real enemy and that the war pits militarism against democracy

Hopkins urges Addams to cease speaking against the war.

Christie accuses Addams of being overly emotional and disagrees with her statements about German-Americans and the entry of the United States in World War I.

Kerr's editorial in the Cleveland News attacks Addams' for her views on peace, calling her naive.

A St. Paul Pioneer Press editorial condemns Addams for Patriotism and Pacifism and calls on suffragists to stand against her.

The Wall Street Journal criticizes Addams for sentimental peace talk that works against the effectiveness of the blockade.

Hamilton urges Addams to ignore the militarists who are criticizing her.

Horton tells Addams that while the United States is at war she should be supportive of her country and its soldiers who are keeping everyone safe.

Evans admits to Addams that she now supports the need for World War I and is leaving the peace movement.

Henry tells Addams that he disagrees with her views on pacifism and sees her as unpatriotic and pro-German.

Post describes Richards' political stance for World War I and her opinion of the press.

Addams seeks to discourage Linn and his wife from volunteering in a more active role in the war.