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The League of Nations describes the work of Geneva in the committees of Traffic in Women and Child Welfare.

The press releases information about Kathleen Innes' book The Story of the League of Nations, written for a young audience.

The Conference proposes a series of resolutions calling for revision of the peace terms of World War I.

Balch asks Drummond to consider appointing women to positions at the League of Nations.

Balch asks Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Secretaries to support efforts to amend the covenant of the League of Nations.

Balch tells Duggan about the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's relations with a commission to visit Germany, Fight the Famine Council, and the League of Nations.

Macmillan writes Addams regarding the League of Nations and compulsory testing and treatment for venereal disease.

Karsten gives Addams a report on a meeting held by Fanny Andrews regarding the League of Nations.

Mead sends Addams a copy of a report to be edited. She also discusses her thoughts on the League of Nations.

Addams and Hamilton discuss a meeting they had with Baron Franz and his concerns over the terms of the Paris Peace Treaty, and their reservations about religious freedom in the Roumanian treaty.

An announcement for the International Conference for League of Nations, listing goals and organizational supporters.

Beek en Donk invites Addams to attend the International Conference for the League of Nations.

Fisher discusses with Addams possible peace league formations that he and others have been considering.