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Jones recommends Frederick Burlingham as a potential Hull-House resident and asks Addams about contributing articles.
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Addam's notes for a tribute to Alzina Parsons Stevens, the president of Hull-House's Woman's Club.

Addams recounts the roles and responsibilities of marriage and love at the ceremony for two Hull-House residents.

Marot writes Addams about the possibility of teaching in Chicago over the summer and residing at Hull-House.

Ely writes Addams about using Enella Benedict's art to illustrate his article in Harper's Monthly.

Addams writes Ely with suggests for possible candidates to work at a settlement.

Addams sends Ely contact information for potential settlement leaders and discusses the publication of an article.

Doolittle inquires whether there is space available to stay at Hull-House.

Geddes informs Addams that he has delayed the return of John Duncan from Scotland.
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Addams pays her respects to the late Jennie Dow Harvey, whom she knew as the Hull-House kindergarten teacher, as well as having been a dear friend.

Yeomans thanks Addams for coming to his upcoming wedding and talks about the Hull-House idea.

Gyles writes Addams about working at Hull-House, but expresses some concerns.

Addams writes Gulliver about Rose Gyles' letter about continuing at Hull-House.

Addams is delighted that Rose Gyles will stay at Hull-House.

Addams introduces Clara Furstenberg to Morgan and asks her to meet with her.

Bowen discusses relations between Hull-House and the Women's Club. She also mentions allowing Laura Pelham to stay in Hull-House and offers to pay her rent.

Addams indicates that the "brides chest" is completed and with it go the best wishes of Hull-House.

Addams asks Wald for a recommendation of a nurse to hire at Hull-House.

Addams writes Balch, telling her she is happy that Balch can be at Hull-House in May.

Addams is pleased to know that McCormick will be at Hull-House next summer.

Addams is looking for a nurse for Hull-House, and asks Wald if there is anyone she knows of who trained with her to take the position.
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Addams writes to Gyles hoping that she will change her mind about leaving Hull-House.

Addams thanks Ewing on behalf of herself and the residents of Hull-House for flowers that arrived on Christmas.
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Addams co-wrote the Hull-House entry in The New Encyclopedia of Social Reform, covering its history and accomplishments.