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Jacobs thanks Addams for her aid during the International Congress of Women and at Hull-House.

Addams relates a humorous story in an address to the Hull-House cooking class.
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Addams writes about finding a location for her settlement and the early days of settling into the neighborhood and developing the ideas for their work. This is the third of six articles excerpted from Twenty Years at Hull-House.
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Addams describes the poverty of the Hull-House neighborhood in the early days of her work there. She discusses the lack of security and loneliness of the elderly, as well as child labor.
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Addams discusses the many programs at Hull-House that appeal to its immigrant neighbors and the additional value that their neighbors bring to the programs.

Devine encourages Addams to take steps for her health, and remarks upon his daughter's similar condition.

Harrison thanks Addams for her hospitality during his visit to Hull-House and remarks upon his behavior and the character of the settlement.

A clipping discusses Addams' talk to the Federation of Women's Clubs, featuring on her discussion of a rumor of a "devil baby" at Hull-House.

Addams thanks Blaine for sending rose to Hull-House for Easter.

Addams thanks Blaine for the flowers, describing the staff of Hull-House as battered and worn from the holidays. Addams sends Blaine a silver box made by the boys in the shop.

Addams thanks Blaine for the Christmas flowes and congratulates her on work for the Francis Parker School.

Addams writes Lindsey about the positive effects of the Boy Scouts.

Addams tells Schwarz about the wedding gift that the residents of Hull-House selected for him and hopes to see them soon.

Addams updates Landsberg on the goings on at Hull-House.

Addams remarks about Miss Lund's report, and her sympathy for Landsberg.

Addams asks Landsberg to take over some work at the labor museum for Laura Addams and complains that the Settlement conference will keep her away until the end of the month.

Addams writes Abbott about room allotments for Hull-House residents.

Addams thanks Lindin for her monthly donation and offers some news from Hull-House.

Addams thanks Ewing for sending flowers to Hull-House for Christmas.

Addams writes Smith about Hull-House activities.

Addams thanks Hamill for the roses and describes Christmas at Hull-House.

Addams has enjoyed having Marcet Haldeman play music at Hull-House.

Addams writes Haldeman regarding legal matters, a visit from John Linn, and Christmas gifts.

Smith reacts to Landsberg's plans to spend a year in Austia.