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Balch sends Addams a copy of the report she is sending to the London Economic Conference.

Balch sends Addams information about the milk shortage in Europe.

Hobhouse tells Hamilton of her poor health and of the relief efforts in Europe.

Hobhouse describes hunger as a result of the war in Leipzig, Germany, and asks Addams for relief funds for children there.

Leaf asks Addams to help distribute pamphlets to arouse public opinion about starvation in Germany.

Reichmann invites Addams to a speech on Russian relief efforts.

Excerpt from a news report about anticipated food shortages in Europe.

Villard sends Addams a message from a German woman and asks her to write a leaflet for the Women's Peace Society.
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Addams argues that international organizations should include humanitarian goals as well as political ones in order to win public support. This was also given as a speech to the Labor Forum in Detroit on Nov. 28, 1920.

Addams spoke to the Reading Chamber of Commerce on the role that the United States could play in reducing the humanitarian crisis in Europe.
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Addams explores how women's clubs can help conserve food and become more active in helping the starving people of the world.

Receipts for food drafts sent by Addams to Vienna and Berlin.

A report of a soup kitchen opened in Dusseldorf, Germany by the French Army to meet the needs of the German people.

The paper reports on discussions of milk shortage and child welfare in Germany held at the Paris Peace Conference.

Wells asks Addams if she can help Emil Abderhalden's efforts to help German children.

Kessler sends Addams his "True League of Nations" and a pamphlet on famine in Berlin (not found).

Müller asks Addams to send food relief packages to her and other peace activists in Vienna.

Addams discusses her recent activities, the International Congress of Women and her hope that America joins the League of Nations.

Addams provides Wacker with the actual content of her statement on conditions in Germany that was misreported in the press.

Addams sends Wacker a correction about reported statements she made on Germany's need for aid.

Addams sends Sihler an article on feeding starving children during the war.

Addams asks Jordan to help raise relief money for Central Europe.