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Addams expresses concerns about the Chicago Stockyard Strike and plans to return to the city shortly.

Addams writes Smith about a meeting of the Woman's Club and Chicago Garment Workers' Strike.

Addams writes Smith, criticizing her own work after the publishing of Twenty Years at Hull House, and reporting news about her health and Chicago Garment Workers' Strike.

Addams updates Kellogg on efforts to secure authors for Survey articles.

Addams tells Browne stories about John Altgeld for a biography he is writing.

Announcement for Jane Addams' speech for the Progressive Party in Chicago.

Jones writes Addams about plans to organize a committee to plan a tribute to Tolstoy in Chicago.

Tuley writes in thanks to Addams for her comments about her recently deceased husband, and encloses a donation for Hull-House.
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Torbet reports to Addams the number of women judges and clerks in each ward.

Robins reports on Progressive Party activities in Illinois from October 10 to 17.

Robins discusses the success of a Progressive Party's Chicago store in spreading literature to the public and encourages the establishment of such stores in other cities as well as the formation of branches of the Jane Addams Chorus.

Plummer asks Henderson to join the Progressive Party and make a speech to Chicago women on why they should join as well.

Plummer assumes that Sippy is a Progressive and asks her to speak to other women about the Progressive Party.

Smith urges McCormick to cast a vote to defeat George Duddleston's candidacy for president of the Chicago Board of Education.
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Using her home Nineteenth Ward in Chicago as an example, Addams explains how political corruption is born in the corruption of youth and argues for the establishment of regulated public spaces to encourage cooperative and positive relationships instead. This is the eighth article of a monthly, year-long series on economic and social reform in America and a woman's role to affect change.
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Two excerpts from an article detailing the goings on of various Chicago women's clubs.

Hapgood explains to Addams why Levinson's employment is no longer viable.

Kellogg tells Addams that Alexander Bing has agreed to write the article for the Survey.
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Kellogg gives Addams his sense of the potential authors for an article on Chicago strikes.
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Addams discusses how philanthropic activities become political activities, citing instances from her own work in Chicago.

Robins informs Addams of his intention to endorse Alexander McCormick on the county ticket and expresses his hope that she will to write some articles to help the campaign.

Robins thanks Addams for her work in the Progressive Party during the past election.

Robins writes Ainge with suggestions on how to prepare for the examination for the position of Chicago Chief Sanitary Officer.
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Addams discusses the role of a lack of recreation for youth as a source of political corruption and argues for the establishment of regulated public spaces to encourage cooperative and positive relationships.

Addams reflects on Theodore Roosevelt's visits to Chicago.