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Addams reflects on Theodore Roosevelt's visits to Chicago.

Armes tells an anecdote about Addams losing her hat and Theodore Roosevelt taking his off too.

Addams gives a short statement in support of a municipal zoo.

Kellogg tells Addams that Alexander Bing has agreed to write the article for the Survey.

Addams updates Kellogg on efforts to secure authors for Survey articles.
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Kellogg gives Addams his sense of the potential authors for an article on Chicago strikes.

Addams tells Browne stories about John Altgeld for a biography he is writing.

Levinson asks Addams for her opinion of his program (not found) and regrets that she could not join them that night.

Addams advocates for creating alderman at large positions to look after needs of Chicago as a whole.

Addams exhorts Morris to have the Chicago Peace Society drum up support for the League of Nations.

Hapgood explains to Addams why Levinson's employment is no longer viable.

Karsten notifies Addams of Nicholes' passing and of a future meeting held by the Woman's City Club.

Addams discusses plans for the Progressive Party Convention and its Peace Committee.

Ford encloses a number of clippings related to a Peace Song Service held two days prior.
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Two excerpts from an article detailing the goings on of various Chicago women's clubs.

Mecartney asks Addams to tell him when Rosika Schwimmer arrives in Chicago so he can make the travel arrangements for her speech that evening.

Robins thanks Addams for her work in the Progressive Party during the past election.

Addams remarks at the turn out of women voters in almost every ward in Chicago that came out to vote.

Addams endorses Harriet Vittum, who campaigned for the Board of Aldermans in the Seventeenth ward of Chicago.
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Torbet reports to Addams the number of women judges and clerks in each ward.

Merriam sends Addams a copy of an ordinance to create a Department of Public Welfare in Chicago and invites her to join a conference on it.

Addams urges new women voters in Chicago to vote nonpartisan in local elections.
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In this published version of a speech given to the Chicago City Club on November 7, Addams discusses party politics, the viability of independent parties, and the possibilities of women's role in municipal elections in Illinois.
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Addams discusses party politics, the viability of independent parties, and the possibilities of women's role in municipal elections in Illinois. This speech was given to the Chicago City Club.