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Addams asks the Mayor for permission to see Abraham Isaak and other anarchists arrested in the wake of the McKinley assassination.

Addams speaks to the Traction Commission, representing the working people living in the 19th Ward and seeking a reduction of public transportation fares.

Addams discusses the procedure for hiring civil servants in the light of Charles B. Ball's appointment of sanitary inspector.

Kales reports on the status of a City Homes Association meeting and asks a question posed in the meeting.

Hooker sends McCormick a list of objects for the Municipal Museum.

Blaine reports that the Mayor has appointed her to the Board of Education and hopes that Addams thinks it is worthwhile for her to join.

Gresham congratulates Addams on the increase in women on the Board of Education and predicts they will get much accomplished.
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Addams discusses the experiences of Chicago probation officers and the profession of civil service.

The "West Chicago Landowners' Protective Association" warns those on Halsted Street of the proposed street widening.

The West Chicago Landowners' Protective Association wishes Addams to sign a petition against the widening of Halsted Street.

On behalf of his association, Gary writes to Addams about the pros of the widening of Halsted Street.

Adler & Lederer Law Offices asks Addams to sign a petition against the widening of Halsted Street.

A newspaper report of the Chicago City Council hearing about the widening of Halsted Street.

Description of the November 26, 1906 City Council meeting on the question of widening Halsted Street, which ended in a draw.

Dean writes in detail about proposed Chicago street widening, detailing alternate routes to be used during construction.

Dean reports on his examination of streets to be widened in order to improve traffic congestion.

Dean discussed proposed traffic routes during planned street widening.

Addams testifies before the Board of Local Improvements in opposition to the widening of Halsted Street because of its potential impact upon Hull-House.

Gruhl requests information from the museum about the state treasurer and state funds.

Addams writes Foote about unpaid Municipal Museum bills.
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The published version of Addams' speech to the American Sociological Society, which argues that social interaction is the key to advancing society. In urban areas, city governments need to provide varied and organized recreations to build community.
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Addams discusses the perils that face immigrant women and the need for protections.

DeGroot writes Addams about his resignation from the South Park Systems.

Addams received a copy of this anonymous letter, offering a scathing impression of Chicago politicians out to get Police Chief John McWeeny and criticizing the Chicago Tribune as corrupt. The writer uses derogatory names, like "Sneaky" and "Sissy," for many of the characters and calls the press the "Scrofulas."
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Addams praises Alexander McCormick for his experience and service to immigrants and supporting his candidacy for commissioner.