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Addams writes Taylor that she is sending him the manuscript for Twenty Years at Hull House, which is in the final stages of writing and publication, for his review.

Addams writes Landsberg about upcoming activities at Hull-House and her recent work on Twenty Years at Hull House.

Cady, who is blind, asks Addams to send a copy of Twenty Years at Hull House as promised so that she can have it embossed in American Braille.

Addams writes Landsberg about her travels, work on her book, tasks for her to do, and plans for her return to Hull-House.

Bok again asks Addams to write an article about the church and sends his wishes that Twenty Years at Hull-House will have wide circulation.

Addams writes to Smith with news about her page proofs and the Chicago Garment Workers' Strike.
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Addams suggests contacting Kellogg for a list of the numbers of The Survey. She also suggests that Pinchot can look at Twenty Years at Hull House to get a sense of her Survey articles.

Addams updates Smith on the publication date of her book and the Chicago Garment Worker's Strike.

Macmillan Company sends Addams a $100 advance for Twenty Years at Hull House.

Addams sends Haldeman a copy of Twenty Years at Hull House and offers news about an absessed tooth and the Chicago Garment Workers' Strike.

Addams writes Smith, criticizing her own work after the publishing of Twenty Years at Hull House, and reporting news about her health and Chicago Garment Workers' Strike.

Straube asks Addams for assurance that her book, Twenty Years at the Hull House, will carry the Chicago Allied Printing Trades Council label.

Addams writes Smith about her disappointment in missing Thanksgiving at Hull-House because of a wound, but reports she is improving after working on a speech and seeing the arrival of copies of Twenty Years at Hull House.

Shortall compliments Addams on her book Twenty Years at Hull House, and expresses gratitude for her work.

Addams sends Smith an autographed copy of her book.

Landon reminisces with Addams after reading a note about Addams' Twenty Years at Hull House.

Mack writes Addams that he is grateful to have an autographed copy of her new book.

Warner writes to Addams about Tolstoy, Puritan witch hunts, and Addams' new book.

Culvers thanks Addams for the inscribed copy of Twenty Years at Hull House and compliments its physical appearance.

Addams responds to issues Smith mentioned in her last letter.

Yeomans thanks Addams for sending her new book, even though he feels unworthy.

After the success of the Twenty Years at Hull House, Marsh asks Addams if she is interested in writing another, specifically about the problems faced by girls in large cities.

Guiteau thanks Addams for sending her an autographed copy of Twenty Years at Hull House and expresses her grateful for their friendship.

Steiner thanks Addams for Twenty Years at Hull House and reports about who is reading it.

Swope thanks Addams for Twenty Years at Hull-House and shares her feelings of being homesick for Hull-House.