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Brett writes of his pleasure to hear that Addams is willing to write a book on her experiences at Hull-House.

Marsh writes Addams that he is pleased to hear her work on Spirit of Youth and the City Streets is progressing well and is excited to hear that she will start her book on Hull-House soon after.

Addams writes Kent about Twenty Years at Hull-House and her fear that it won't be worth publishing.

Phillips is delighted that Addams will publish excerpts from Twenty Years at Hull House in the American Magazine.

Addams declines Tarbell's invitation to visit and offers updates on her progress writing Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Addams asks Haldeman to organize her clippings to help her with writing Twenty Years at Hull House.

Addams updates Haldeman on progress of Twenty Years at Hull House.

Page congratulates Addams on her work for Twenty Years at Hull House but wishes she had published it with Doubleday, Page and Company instead.

Marsh writes Addams with publication plans for the Spirit of Youth in the City Streets, and Twenty Years at Hull House.

Phillips discusses publishing Addams' manuscript in the American Magazine.

Nutter writes Addams about his disappointment that she will publish Twenty Years at Hull House with Macmillan instead of D. Appleton & Co.

Tarbell writes Addams about American Magazine's plans to publish parts of her upcoming book, Twenty Years at Hull House.

Addams writes Brett to share her confusion about Macmillian's publishing plan for her upcoming book on Hull-House.

Kellogg appeals to Addams to publish Twenty Years At Hull House with the Charities Publishing Committee.

Marsh writes Addams about illustrations for the Hull House book.

Higginson writes Addams about Twenty Years at Hull House and sends his hope that he will see her again.
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Addams discusses her childhood, the influence of her father and Lincoln, and her early thoughts on morality and responsibility to the community. This is the first of six articles excerpted from Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Brett writes to Addams suggesting a book idea about Hull-House.

Addams writes Haldeman about her life in Bethel, Maine, working on Twenty Years at Hull-House.
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Addams writes Landsberg with news about work on Twenty Years at Hull House and the health of Landsberg's mother and Mary Smith.

Browne writes Addams about the publication of the special edition of her book through Macmillan Company.

Browne writes Smith about the publication of the special edition of Addams's book, Twenty Years at Hull House.

Browne informs Bowen about the opportunity to purchase a special edition of Addams' new book.

Addams sends Haldeman a copy of a notice for the publication of a special edition of Twenty Years at Hull House.

Addams sends Smith a page proof from her upcoming book, seeking feedback about the look of the page.