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Addams asserts that women have slowly been taking advantage of their enfranchisement and that prohibition has not proved to be a failure.

Addams disagrees with Rebecca West's assertion that men are predisposed to menial tasks by nature.

Addams encourages women to seek patriotism through internationalism and stresses the role of the United States in the movement.

Addams offers support to Vera, Countess Cathcart, who was detained at Ellis Island as an undesirable alien.

Addams urges Illinois women to work legislatively for the right to jury service.

Addams discusses peace and women's roles in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Addams discusses early efforts for civic reform and housing in a speech to the Woman's City Club.

Addams speaks on women's roles in peace and internationalism at a public meeting "Next Steps Toward World Peace," held in Geneva on the eve of the opening of the League of Nations General Assembly. It was opened by William Rappard and featured remarks by Addams, Hilda Clark, and Lucie Desjardins.
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Addams speaks on woman suffrage at a meeting in Potage, Wisconsin. She gave the same speech in Janesvile.

Addams tells a reporter about her views on criticisms of modern women.

Addams discusses child labor, the work of missionaries, and women's rights in China and India at the Woman's City Club

Addams discusses women's roles in the peace movement and appeals for funds to support delegates to the International Congress of Women.

Addams tells of her trip to Asia and encourages American women to collaborate with women in Asia.

Addams offers a brief statement on her world trip as she returns to Hull-House.

Addams spoke about the United States and the League of Nations to the Community Church in Shanghai.

Addams discusses women's empowerment, college training and morality to the graduates of Mount Holyoke College.

Addams discusses the problems with the peace settlement with London reporters.

Addams argues that it is futile to blame men for the condition of the world.

Addams describes public opinion in Europe and calls for American aid and engagement by women voters.

Addams describes public opinion in Europe and calls for American aid and engagement in the League of Nations.

Addams discusses the impact of women's fashion, and jazz on morality.

Addams speaks about conditions in Europe, relief efforts and the role of the League of Nations.

Addams spoke about the roles women are playing in the peace movement to a breakfast meeting in Topeka. The article also details other activities during her trip.