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  • Date is exactly "1918-12-10"

Smith requests that Hull protests Addams' International Peace Conference.

Post gives Addams updates on the arrangements of the International Peace Congress, including another woman interested in attending.

Addams sends Jacobs a finalized list of the plans for the Official Peace Conference and asks her to pick which she prefers. She also asks her to notify all national sections once a plan has been agreed upon by the executive board members.

Addams suggests that Balch not give up her place as one of the five women to go abroad until passports and dates are finalized.

Addams tells Andrews that she believes January 1st is too soon to go abroad but they should have their passports ready to go anyway.

Addams asks Aldis if he would continue his yearly donations to Hull-House as its expenses have increased.

Addams's draft of a letter she plans to send Jacobs which details several possible plans for the upcoming peace conference and asks her, along with each member of the International Board, to pick which one is best.