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  • Date is exactly "1917-02-13"

Thomas contacts Addams regarding William Jennings Bryan's intention to attend a peace meeting in Washington, D.C.

Lewis is glad that Addams is feeling better, and states that although he does not agree with her in some aspects, he admires her method of activism.

Addams updates Wald on several meetings that are coming up and discusses her own health issues

Sherman tells Addams that he believes a referendum vote for peace would not do any good, even though he sees war as a last resort.

DeWeese informs Addams that she and her local "womans association" are doing everything they can to aid the peace movement.

Mead informs Lane of an upcoming emergency meeting of the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party with State Chairmen and other organizations.

Bryan informs Addams that he cannot attend the Woman's Peace Party emergency meeting in New York City, but will send a telegram to be read at the meeting.