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  • Date is exactly "1917-02-06"

The leaders of the different branches of the Woman's Peace Party contribute towards a letter stating why the President should call for a referendum vote on whether or not America should go to war.

Taussig admires the statement which Addams plans to send to the President.

Spencer approves of her name being included on a telegram to President Wilson.

Jenkin Lloyd Jones sermonizes against the war, asking people if they would choose Caesar over Christ.

Quackenbush sends Addams a sermon and a telegram by Jenkin Lloyd Jones which she finds inspiring.

Post is happy to contribute her name on a telegram.

Recommends that peace societies in the United States unite to send a message regarding contraband of war to the government.

Karsten informs Call of the official delegates from the Woman's Peace Party who will be attending the upcoming Conference of Peace Workers in New York City.

Addams asks members of the Woman's Peace Party National Executive Board to use their influence to try to prevent the United States from being drawn into war.