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  • Date is exactly "1915-11-26"

Stone informs Addams that she unfortunately will not be able to contact the president directly, and although she believes a convention of the Neutral Powers would be futile, she would be happy to assist the Woman's Peace Party.

Spencer informs Addams that her acceptance to take part in the peace plan is provisional.

Schwimmer gives Addams a brief overview of her meeting with Wilson, discussing how it will affect their plans regarding the Peace Ship.

Schwabacher writes to Addams regarding an amount left to Addams and Hull House in her husband's will.

Loughrin sends a telegram to Addams informing her that Governor Stewart cannot join the European Commission organized by Ford, and suggests that they invite Denison of the Woman's Peace Party instead.

Hastings writes to Addams to express her feelings about the peace movement and Addams' work, citing her own experiences with the horrors of war as examples.

Harvey writes to Addams to announce that he is mailing her a copy of his organization's book, "The Remedy". He wishes her to read it on her voyage to Europe with Ford, and to have her consent to place her on his organization's committee.

Harbert writes to Addams to inform her that she has forwarded a message to Wilson upon Addams' request, and to discuss the Peace Commission arranged by Ford.

Thomas writes to Van Slingerland on behalf of Addams to thank her for sending a complimentary issue of her magazine as well as to reject her offer of a reprint.

Hyers responds for Addams to Webster's letter regarding a pamphlet about the World's Peace Film Company.