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  • Date is exactly "1915-03-29"

Funk reports on a meeting that Rosika Schwimmer spoke at, criticizing her bitterness toward the American people and a disagreement they had over whether the upcoming conference would held end the war.

Bok thanks Addams for editing his interview with her, and congratulates her on the International Council of Women's promise.

Addams's secretary says that Addams regrets that Fuller cannot attend the International Congress of Women at the Hague, and that she is concerned the German and French women might not attend.

Addams informs Atwater that they should publish news from The Hague Conference rather than Lochner's address.

Addams sends Wales a list delegates to the International Congress of Women and suggests that she present her peace plan there to secure support.

Addams asks Schwimmer to continue as the International Secretary.