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  • Date is exactly "1915-02-01"
Jane Addams Bars Blacklist.jpg

Addams avows that there is no "blacklist" for speakers at Hull House, denying a rumor that radical thinkers were not welcome.

Miller describes Kate Waller Barrett's work in Europe with deported women and children and hopes to arrange a meeting with Addams.

Kelsey describes a mass meeting at Cooper Union in New York, and asks for materials to send to interested people in New Jersey.

FitzGerald describes a contentious meeting of the Massachusetts branch of the Woman's Peace Party over suffrage.

Wilson thanks Addams for her recent letter about the immigration bill.

Jordan praises Addams' efforts to bring peace in Europe.

Claytor asks for information about the Woman's Peace Party as the women in her area do not wish to lose husbands and sons.