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  • Date is exactly "1912-08-22"

Addams replies to Kellor's request to wire her.

Kellor suggests to Bok that she should write an article about the Progressive Party platform aimed at housewives.

Wilber criticizes Addams for choosing the Progressive Party over the Socialist Party.

Robins informs Addams of his intention to endorse Alexander McCormick on the county ticket and expresses his hope that she will to write some articles to help the campaign.

Meyer writes Addams to share her disapproval of Theodore Roosevelt, whom she believes is an immoral man and the wrong candidate for the betterment of the country.

Kellor seeks the names of women interested in helping the Progressive Party and women's suffrage.

Kellor asks Addams for information related to press matters.
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Boies complains to Addams about the distasteful "Bull Moose Party" name for the new Progressive Party.