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Addams' short introduction to the Child Welfare Exhibit invites the public to enjoy and learn from the exhibit. It was published in 1912.
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Addams' speech at the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit, on the Hull-House Labor Museum's exhibit. It was published in 1912.

An anonymous correspondent accuses Addams of being a "dupe" to Theodore Roosevelt.

Guiteau thanks Addams for the money she sent her.

Livingston writes Addams about her article on white slavery, because she herself is working in the Chinatown area of New York City working to help women get out of prostitution.

Seligman sends Wald word about the appointment of a woman to direct the U.S. Children's Bureau.

The article argues that the virtues of socialism and a socialist economy are supported by the Bible.

Kellor encourages women's organizations to join the Progressive Party and to participate in the upcoming campaign.

Kellor encourages women to join the Progressive Party and to participate in the upcoming campaign.
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Addams praises Alexander McCormick for his experience and service to immigrants and supporting his candidacy for commissioner.

Bok's questions for a series of interviews with Jane Addams and other prominent women are intended to find an explanation for women's "unrest" and the factors that have led to their discontent.

This article argues that women and the factories that manufacture their clothes should understand each other better.
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A reprint of Addams' speech to the Congress of Men and the Religion Forward Movement chastises the church for rejection aid to "fallen" women and asks for a return to the teachings of Jesus, who opened his heart to all sinners.