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Members of the Ford Peace Ship ask Addams for an update on when she might join them.

Schwimmer encloses contact information for an American woman interested in peace and asks the Woman's Peace Party to join the new international organization being formed.

Schwimmer asks Addams for a letter of recommendation to help her secure a lecture tour.

Schwimmer welcomes Addams home and asks if she can help secure a place at Hull House for a friend.

Schwimmer asks Addams to travel to Chicago for a meeting because Jacobs will not travel to Maine, where Addams is at this time.

Schwimmer updates Addams about attacks on her by the Jewish media and seeks help taking Norman Hapgood to task.

Schwimmer hopes that Addams is feeling better and will be leaving New York after Friday to visit.

Schwimmer complains about attacks on her. This letter is a draft that may not have been sent.

Schwimmer asks Addams to meet her outside of Hull-House because she finds the people there disagreeable.

Schwimmer expresses her joy that European ambassadors in Washington, D.C. have enthusiastically offered their help in the Henry Ford peace plan.

Schwimmer requests that Addams send her report of a meeting in Amsterdam to the Hotel Biltmore in New York City.

Schwimmer gives Addams a brief overview of her meeting with Wilson, discussing how it will affect their plans regarding the Peace Ship.

Schwimmer sends a telegram to Addams asking her to convince Jacobs to postpone an important meeting as well as to repeat her request to Mrs. Catt to attend.

Schwimmer tells Addams about her experiences of anti-radicalism and militarism.

Schwimmer asks Addams about why the peace movement seems to be boycotting her.

Schwimmer tells Addams about attacks being made on her character.

Schwimmer asks Addams for help to stop what she calls slander by Aletta Jacobs and Rosa Manus.

Schwimmer resigns as International Secretary of the Women's Peace Party and discuss the way that Americans view the role of peace delegations.

Schwimmer gives Addams photographs of Gertrud Woker and Lida Heymann and provides information on other delegates to the International Congress of Women.
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Schwimmer tells Addams that she plans to review Peace and Bread in Time of War when she receives it.

Schwimmer introduces Addams to Ellis Jones, who she claims can give Addams the real story of the Ford Peace expedition.

Schwimmer thanks Addams for putting her on the programs of the Summer School and International Congress of Women and debunks a rumor going around Chicago that she stole Addams's coat.

Schwimmer thanks Addams for sending her sister a gift while she was hospitalized.

Schwimmer blasts Addams and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section for their lack of publicity and organizing work for the International Congress of Women and criticizes the impact that social workers have made on the peace cause.

Schwimmer asks Addams if she plans to support NoƩmi Stricker's request.