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Devine writes Balch to deny the charge against him that he objected to Addams' involvement in politics.

Devine asks Addams to write a letter of recommendation for Florence Kelley as Labor Commissioner of New York.

Devine thanks Addams for her letter and promises to do what he can to secure Kelley's nomination as NY Labor Commissioner.

Devine encourages Addams to take steps for her health, and remarks upon his daughter's similar condition.

Devine asks Addams about the possibility of funding funding in Chicago for campaign to create a Commission on Industrial Relations.

Devine tells Addams that he revised an editorial and that Taft wanted to appoint her as a member of the Industrial Commission.

Devine writes Addams to explain a wrong impression regarding his feelings about her involvement in Progressive Party politics.

Devine writes to members of the Committee about the Congressional legislation to create a Commission on Industrial Relations.