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Richepin's ballad centers around a young man and his misguided love.

Palmer's poem questions how the world, that can create such beauty, can also breed such hate and violence.

Addams enclosed a poem from a soldier fighting in World War I and offers it for use to Kellogg. Addams further explains her reasons and hesitations in providing reviews of nine books Kellogg had sent her.

Addams recommends to Thomas that they should send relevant material to a lecturer soon.

Addams promises to send Wales more folders with argumentative content. Addams also responds to a suggestion offered by Wales in previous correspondence and has enclosed a poem from a soldier.

House thanks Addams for sending a copy of the "Manifesto," as well as encourages her to meet him in person when the chance arises.

Addams sends an additional copy of the minutes from the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace meeting.

Addams writes to Sheehy Skeffington about representation, particularly for women and Ireland, within the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Addams notifies Wales that she is sending a copy of The International Review to her and it is relevant to Wales' interest in a bulletin.

Hyers writes to Cory for Addams, explaining that Cory should expect the arrival important literature, like copies of the Manifesto.

Freeman writes to Addams hoping to learn more about Addams' views on women's' roles within the peace movement to pass on to her club.

Lewis conveys her hope to see Addams in person soon and asks for clarification on several subjects including a letter in her possession.

Wilson acknowledges a letter sent to him by Addams and others concerning neutrality.

Addams is sending Wales a review of her pamphlet from Norman Angell and hopes that Wales can join her Sunday in Chicago.

In writing for Addams, Hyers relates to Holdsworth possible debate points to bring up when discussing the reasons to preserve peace.

Hyers thanks Stack upon receiving his letter and explains the source of gratification felt by many working within the peace movement.

Hobhouse writes to Addams on her position with the British Committee for the International Women's Congress and personal matters of health and travel.

Riggs writes to see whether Addams would be willing to give a lecture on Women and Peace for the Cedar Falls Woman's Club.

Hyers writes for Addams to Freeman in order to communicate that literature on the peace movement has been sent to her.

Hyers provides a much anticipated response for what could be accomplished with several hundred dollars.

Addams asks Jacobs for an update on the situation in England and explains that she is sending some news clippings of interest.

Addams writes that she is sending a letter by Kellogg to Lochner and suggests a task Lochner could accomplish while in Washington.

Hyers agrees to send Mrs. F. Garrison literature for her paper.

Hyers thanks Holt for a copy of Percy MacKaye's work and asks for half a dozen more to be sold.

Hyers writes to Lewis that with this letter is an attached copy of some peace literature and further explanation about previous communications Lewis has received.