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Addams speaks about women college graduates and their role in public reform.
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Addams details the many reasons why it is important that women be given the right to vote, and of how the suffrage movement is not just found in Western nations, but globally.
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Addams's galley proof for the preface to Safeguards for City Youth at Work and at Play, praising the book and explaining why it should be consulted concerning matters of child welfare.

Addams urges new women voters in Chicago to vote nonpartisan in local elections.

Addams discusses unwelcome letters written to her and her efforts to have them stopped.

Addams explains why she will not join the Emmeline Pankhurst welcome committee.

Addams speaks at the National Convention of Women about the benefits of suffrage for women in America.
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Addams, discussing the main reasons for why child labor is wrong, how it came to be, and who can be blamed for it.
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Addams uses the story of the devil-baby to discuss how the beliefs in fairy tales are still an influencing factor in people's thinking.
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A stenographer's transcript of a tribute by Addams given at the memorial for Frank Hutchins.
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Addams argues that there needs to be more recreation for young people to keep them away from vice.

Addams is unable to contribute an article to the Philadelphia Public Ledger.

In a newspaper interview, Addams offers her reasons for supporting the Progressive Party and Theodore Roosevelt.

Newspaper report and cartoon of Addams seconding the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt at the Progressive Party Convention.

A newspaper report of Addams' speech before the Civic and Commerce Association in which she discusses the benefits of social centers.

A newspaper report of Addams' April 23 speech at Carnegie Hall entitled "The Church and the Social Evil," published on May 13.

Addams notes that Theodore Roosevelt was "wabbly" on woman's suffrage and she is not proud of her efforts in converting him to the cause.

Newspaper report of Addams's speech before the Sunday Evening Club discussing new ideas about how to promote peace.

A newspaper report of Addams' speech in New York entitled "The Church and the Social Evil."

A newspaper report of Addams' speech in New York on "The Church and the Social Evil."

Addams discusses women's suffrage and the importance of it in American society at a speech to the Wisconsin Assembly on January 25.

Newspaper report of an Addams' statement about the causes of violent labor actions being antiquated laws.

Robins thanks Addams for her work in the Progressive Party during the past election.

Nourse tells Addams that the Hull House Players decided to donate all their money to Hull House after disbanding.

Glasier tells Evans of her trip in South Wales, and her thoughts on achieving peace in Belgium.