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Addams argues for peace and international understanding to help bring Europe out of the devastation of war.

Hulet blesses Addams for her work on the Progressive Party Platform.

Royden reminds Addams to send a copy of a report of the Chicago Vice Commission to help with a British education campaign.

Bass asks Addams for names of women to campaign for the Progressive Party.

Bass asks Addams to recognize some of the women who worked in Cook County on the State Educational Committee.

Bass congratulates Addams on her appointment to the Progressive Party's National Committee.

Sweet asks Addams to contribute some articles to her publishing company.

James confirms that Addams is speaking in Wisconsin on woman suffrage and not on Progressive Party politics.

Morley asks Addams for more information about the peace movement.

Wells invites Addams to help recruit members for the New Zealand peace movement.

Stronach asks for Addams advice on a how to deal with a young woman who believes she is being contacted telepathically.

Addams recounts the roles and responsibilities of marriage and love at the ceremony for two Hull-House residents.
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Addams gave this speech at a public meeting held by the Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education, at Cooper Union, along with Henry Pritchett, Frank Vanderlip, Frederick Fish, Nicholas Murray Butler, Frank P. Sargent, and others. Addams' appeal, unlike the other speakers, identified with the plight of working people and argued that industrial education would better their lives.

Coit congratulates Addams on New Conscience and Ancient Evil and reflects on the book's subject matter.

Harrison asks Addams if she can change the time for their factory tour.

Harrison thanks Addams for sending a Hull-House etching and plans to travel to the United States and see Addams in Chicago.

Orgeni, a voice instructor, offers a reference for soprano Mabel Hall.

Morey writes to Addams to ask her to contact President Wilson about intervening in the detention of Alice Paul and Rose Wilson.

Royden writes Addams expressing her interest in the Woman's Peace Party and the conference held in Washington, D.C. She informs Addams of the upcoming meeting of the National Union, who will be discussing resolutions about war and peace.

Apponyi invites Addams to come to Hungary to speak on her return from Egypt.

Beveridge writes in appreciation of Addams' speech and reports on the progress of the "cause" of ending child labor.

Beveridge thanks Addams for her service to the Progressive Party during the recent campaign, especially to the efforts in Indiana.

Südekum tells Addams that either the German Chancellor or Secretary of the State will meet with her the next day.

Small asks Addams to consider taking a teaching position at the University of Chicago.