Fannie Fern Andrews Papers


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Documents in this collection


Addams reports on the activities of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace and procedures for appointing new officers.

Addams congratulates Andrews on her current work and hopes she will not leave the ICWPP.

Addams expresses her regrets at the change in status of Andrews membership with the National Committee of Five. Addams also shares her hopes for Andrews' future involvement in the peace movement.

Addams's draft of a letter she plans to send Jacobs which details several possible plans for the upcoming peace conference and asks her, along with each member of the International Board, to pick which one is best.

Arnesen, Daugaard, and Widegren urge Addams to speak to Wilson about the upcoming peace conference.

Addams tells Andrews that she believes January 1st is too soon to go abroad but they should have their passports ready to go anyway.

Addams asks Andrews join the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.