Amos Pinchot Papers


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Pinchot sends Addams an article (not found) about the issues facing America.

Wald writes Pinchot that Addams is unable to assist with his campaign due to her other speaking obligations, but she invites him to visit the Henry Street Settlement while in New York.

Addams thanks Pinchot for the article but regrets that she cannot campaign for him.

Addams tells Pinchot she will attend a meeting of the Progressive Party's Executive Committee and will let him know if she can make another meeting.

The Pinchots invite Addams to join them for a small dinner party when she comes to New York.

Addams informs Pinchot she will attend the Progressive Party meeting in New York in February along with Louise de Koven Bowen.

Pinchot informs Addams that Louise Bowen and Paul Kellogg are to be invited to the upcoming Progressive Party meeting in New York.

Pinchot clarifies his ideas about the Progressive Party's agenda going forward.

Pinchot is asking supporters of his brother, Gifford Pinchot, to write statements to be published in a campaign book.

Addams has enclosed a response to Amos Pinchot's request to provide words of support for his brother, Gifford Pinchot.

Pinchot thanks Addams for supporting Gifford Pinchot.

Addams sends Pinchot a request from the National Public Ownership League, and congratulates him on his anti-militarism activities.

Thompson asks Pinchot to serve as the temporary president of the National Public Ownership League, which will work to advance public ownership of utilities.

A circular detailing the purpose of the National Public Ownership League and a list of charter members.

Thompson lays out the plan for the creation of the National Public Ownership League, which seeks to create public ownership of utilities and resources.

An application for membership in the National Public Ownership League.

Thompson explains the need for the National Public Ownership League and its goal of public ownership and democratic control over utilities and natural resources.

Addams and others send the Curtis Publishing Company a proposal for a publication.

Wald expresses her wish for Addams to come to Washington to assist with lobbying
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Addams suggests contacting Kellogg for a list of the numbers of The Survey. She also suggests that Pinchot can look at Twenty Years at Hull House to get a sense of her Survey articles.