Swarthmore College Peace Collections500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA, 19081-1399


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Documents in this collection


Blaine reports her surprise that Bowen has said that she promised $25,000 to the endowment to Hull-House several years back.

Williams tells Addams about another version of the "devil baby" story he heard in Pittsburgh.

Page sends a translation of a letter to Addams that she thinks will interest Addams.

Nourse tells Addams that the Hull House Players decided to donate all their money to Hull House after disbanding.
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A writing by Addams detailing the many reasons why it is important that women be given the right to vote, and of how the movement is not just found in Western nations, but globally.
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Addams questions the process of how pension funds are being distributed to needing families and how it needs to be handled better while criticizing the city of Chicago's government for not doing enough to help the poor.
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Speech given by Addams at the Biennial Convention of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, concerning the role women's clubs has and can further have in shaping policies.
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Addams expresses why the time is now that women should be able to vote, with in regards to the social power women have which can be used for political power.
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A preface by Addams for a book by Bowen, Civic Protection for Young People, explaining the importance the book it is written for, why it should be read and listened to concerning matters addressed in it.
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Addams argues that international peace is not a failed idea, and even though World War I is in the early stages of fighting it is not too late to stop war from continuing.
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Addams discusses her work with the International Congress of Women, the delegations to European leaders, and her views on the need for peace. The event was held at the Chicago Auditorium and attended by both peace activists and the general public,…
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A fragmented document written by Addams, possibly a draft of a speech she would later give. In it, Addams argues how nationalistic ideas are beginning to cloud peoples judgement about the war.

Hillman thanks Addams for her support of the clothing workers of Chicago, and goes on to detail their struggle.

Addams thanks Hull for campaign materials.

Addams writes to tell Leinbach that she does not have family records but advises him to contact Clara Young regarding them.

Addams forwards Thomas letters about sending relief to the Central powers.

Anna Spencer asks Addams for advice on what the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom should do now that the war is over.

Salomon asks Addams for help securing writing jobs with American periodicals.

Widegren and the Swedish branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom wish Addams a happy New Year.

Aharonian sends Balch details the suffering occurring in Armenia and asks her to support their efforts.

O'Connor sends Addams some clippings about attacks on her and Hull-House, and tells her that she is loved.

An editorial supports most of Charles Ferguson's takes on radicalism, but does not support his idea that colleges promote radicalism.

Addams argues for peace and international understanding to help bring Europe out of the devastation of war.