Jane Addams Papers


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Addams regrets that she is to busy to assist Browne with her Tolstoy inquiry.

Addams thanks Fitts for the donation, offers her sympathy for the death of her father, and invites her to come to Hull-House.

Addams asks Fitts to join her and Mary Rozet Smith for dinner in Boston next week.
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Draft of Addams' eulogy for Gordon Dewey, who died at eight years of age.
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Addams describes the current moral situation of American youth as a result of the current education and religious situations. This speech was also given before the Chicago Sinai congregation.
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Addams gave this lecture at least two times; once at the February 2 meeting of the New York City Women's Political Union, and again on February 14 at the Boston School Voters' League. In the lecture, she discusses the philosophical relationship…

Kurkjian provides a history of the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia as a justification for independence.