Mary Rozet Smith to Mabel L. Hyers, August 26, 1915


My dear Miss Hyers

Miss Addams was very glad to hear from the "Peace Party" office and asks me to tell you that she thinks your suggestion of adding a paragraph to the letter to state chairmen, etc. announcing that Miss Schwimmer is coming to this [country] in September is very good. [page 2] Miss Balch telegraphed Miss Macmillan and Miss Schwimmer that the President declined to see any one from the belligerent countries, so it is possible that this plan of sailing on the 28th may have been changed.

Dr. Jacobs is in New York today, we suppose.

We were very much shocked by your news of poor Miss Brown. Miss Addams sends greetings. [page 3] She is very much better but still quite helpless and I'm afraid she must look forward to a rather tedious convalescence.

Very sincerely yours

Mary Rozet Smith

August 26.