Once More We are As Children, December 24, 1914

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Once More We Are as Children

By Miss Jane Addams,
Head of the Hull House.

THE Christmas spirit dominating so many thousands for a few blessed weeks each year is doubtless due in part to the fact that the impulses of good will and kindliness are given free play and allowed untrammeled expression.

A truce is declared against the cautions and prohibitions which ordinarily dominate our conduct toward the [poor] and needy. They cannot be "pauperized" by Christmas presents, because we all receive and give them. The sting of charity is withdrawn by comradeship. We are not afraid for one day at least to make happy all the little children we can reach [through] the simple device of sharing their play; and [through] pure happiness we forget those differences which so easily divide children and adults into two worlds.

Beyond its neighborly and domestic aspect the strength of the Christmas spirit is this year being tested in international relations.

Will it be able to dominate the world and create an armistice for the Christmas season between those Christian nations that war with each other and summon [Muslims] and Buddhists to help them slay?

The consciousness of war so distressing to the finer sensibilities of the civilized world becomes almost unendurable at this season.

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