Speech to the Chicago Woman's Club, February 4, 1914


Too Many Arrests, Says Miss Addams

Miss Jane Addams spoke on the police at the meeting of the Chicago Women's club yesterday. She asserted that one of the chief faults of the police force is the number of unnecessary arrests it makes.

"Last year there were 84,000 arrests made in Chicago," said Miss Addams. "Of that number 42,000 cases were dismissed. The number of persons arrested as witnesses was [2,502]. There were 1,850 young girls arrested and later released. Twenty-five thousand of the 42,000 released were under 25 years of age."

"The police are forced into a position [where] they come constantly in contact with the forces who wish to break the laws. In every city there is a certain collusion between the police and these forces which almost amounts to municipal blackmail."

Miss Addams said that this condition would be greatly remedied by making the function of the police force less negative in their nature. She asserted the introduction of policewomen was a move in the direction to make the work of the police less negative.

Judge Uhlir spoke on the Court of Domestic Relations and asked for the assistance of the Chicago Woman's club in getting certain institutions to the care for persons who [come] into that court.

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