Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, May 15, 1901



Your letter cheered me mightily -- for verily the righteous are having a reward.

Mrs Blackstone has given $3000.00 which completes the ten as I have just written to Mrs Bowen. This puts you down for 2500. which I shall always regret unless that old Cook mortgage pays up.

I am now sailing on trying to get the remainder on the gym fund but feeling much encouraged! The Ponds are slower than usual about the moving of the building and I spend much time in poking them up. [page 2]

I called at the house yesterday. Aunt Sarah was lunching with your two brothers and looking very housewifely and happy. Your brother [Fred?] and K. were here to dinner and we had really a very jolly time. I haven't seen Mrs Herrick at all for which I am very sorry.

I miss you all the time, perhaps the awful lapses are worthwhile -- but I doubt it! With love to your father and mother -- always yrs J. A.

May 15" 1901