Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman, April 22, 1915

S.S. Noordam
April 22d 1915

My dear Marcet

We have had a fine journey with no really rough weather, and 42 American ladies on board so interested in Peace that we often [have] three conferences a day and always two. We are quite united in a program and are in good spirits. [page 2]

It was heartwarming to have your final telegram, and if you have sold the house I suppose it means that you and Mary have been busy ever since packing and sorting. I hope the bank officers are [coming] [illegible], you certainly have been fine and spirited in your devotion to the matters in hand and deserve to have them come out well. [page 3]

We are in English waters today and will soon take on an English [pilot] who knows the positions of the [mines] and [illegible] to keep us out of harm's way. The [Lizard] and the fishing boats look as peaceful as if war had never been and our [journey?] [moon?] each night almost makes us ashamed to be the children of [such] [two illegible words]. [page 4]

Please give my love to Mary Fry and to your mothers friends, and be sure that I will write from The Hague where we hope to arrive early on Saturday.

Always, Dear, your loving Aunt Jane Addams.

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