Alice Robson to Jane Addams, May 4, 1904


My dear Miss Addams: -

Enclosed please find a signed copy of the note of which we retain a duplicate together with a check for five thousand dollars ($5,000).

It gives us great pleasure to be able to be of service to you in this way; and we hope that the future will afford us other opportunities to further the interests that are so dear to you. [page 2]

It would interest us to learn some time how the plan has proposed of which you spoke to us last fall--the training school for factory girls.

You may care to hear that I am taking treatment from Miss Marshall and believe that it is going to benefit me. Thank you again for the suggestion.

My sister joins me in greetings.

Very sincerely yours,

Alice Robson -

Wednesday, May Fourth Nineteen Hundred and Four -
5140 Woodlawn Avenue.

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