Secretary to Jane Addams to George E. Baird, April 14, 1915


April 14, 1915.

Mr. George E. Baird,
3363 S. Park Ave.,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Sir: --

I am quite ashamed that your letter which was sent to us from Hull House some time ago has not been acknowledged. We have been so busy in the office with the correspondence involved in the International Congress of Women at The Hague that a good many letters have been forced to wait for a reply.

I know that Miss Addams agrees most heartily with you that peace should be brought about just as soon as possible, and no one could be more in sympathy than she with anything that can bring together the peace forces of both the neutral and belligerent nations. It is in order to foster whatever international feeling remains that Miss Addams has started on this long and more or less dangerous trip to The Hague.

Meanwhile as so many of those who want peace do not agree upon methods, the best thing that can be done seems to be working for a peace sentiment. There has been definite recommendations made toward a conference of neutral nations, but no one can force that.

Miss Addams wishes me to thank you for your letter.

[Yours cordially]

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