Madeleine Zabriskie Doty to Jane Addams, April 4, 1915

April 4th --
83 Washington Pl.

My dear Miss Addams:

Enclosed is a program of our Carnegie Hall meeting, and we are wondering if you will be in the city at that time. We originally planned to have this meeting at the Palace Theatre Saturday morning, as it was to center around "War Brides" & Nazimova. But we were unable to get the [theater] & betook ourselves to Carnegie Hall. Now that the meeting is to be Sunday evening April 11th and as you expect [page 2] to be here Monday April 12th I wonder if you can't get here in time to help us with the Carnegie meeting. We feel it would be particularly stirring if you would speak at the close of the meeting conferring upon <us> your benediction a sort of farewell greeting before you sail.

If you could do this & will wire me, I would <like to> have the program changed so that your name appears.

This meeting was arranged with the idea of raising funds for the N.Y. branch of the Woman's Peace Party. We are planning to take up a collection [page 3] directly after Mrs. Lawrence speaks & if you would speak at the end of the meeting, it would materially help us for it would mean the audience would remain through the trying period of money raising, to hear you speak. I realize that you have much to do before sailing & that I am asking a good deal, but it is all for the sake of the cause, and we will all feel deeply grateful if you will consent.

With very best wishes --

Sincerely yours --

Madeleine Z. Doty
chairman meeting committee
Woman's Peace Party.

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