Endorsement for Alexander McCormick for Cook County Board of Commissioners, 1912

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I have known Mr. Alexander McCormick for more than twenty years, during all of which time he has been interested in the many foreign colonies of Chicago.

Several years ago he was made President of The Immigrants Protective League through which he obtained acquaintance with thousands of our foreign born citizens. He has devoted much time and attention to inducing the Bureau of Immigration to establish in Chicago a station where government officials may aid and advise the many immigrants who are passing through the city on their way to the west or those who are seeking to locate nearby. Mr. McCormick has several times been to Washington on this matter and believes that such a station will soon be <an impartial fact> established.

Two years ago when he was chairman of the Political Action Committee of the Union League Club be established a custom which has since been continued, of celebrating Washington's birthday by a large meeting either in the armory or the auditorium which all the national societies were asked to attend and <then> to mingle their national anthems with the patriotic sirs of America. Mr. McCormick's goodwill and enthusiasm in addition to his wide acquaintance has been a large factor in making these occasions most successful and in bringing together foreign born and native citizens upon a common ground.

It is impossible that representatives of all our varied nationalities to Chicago should hold office on the County Board but it is most important that the man most directly responsible for our humanitarian institutions such as the public hospitals, should be utterly without prejudice towards any race or nationality: this is quite as important as it is that the County Courts should dispense justice without fear or favor. Sympathetic understanding as well as fair play can only be [page 2] secured in a cosmopolitan city like Chicago by officials who understand the many nationalities of which our city is composed.

A vote for Mr. McCormick would be a vote for a man who possesses a wide understanding of <the> many men <[illegible]> upon which the truest Americanism must be founded. [page 3]


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