Flora Clayton to Jane Addams, February 1, 1915

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House

We the women of Indianola Iowa and especially the women of the Indianola Chautauqua Circle are much interested in the Woman's Peace Party of which we have been reading in the Independent Weekly Magazine. We heartily endorse the closing resolution, for the greater number of us have either Sons or husbands that [page 2] would be called to arms should war be declared in our own country.

We wish all information concerning the Convention what you are doing and what you expect to do, that we can get. I write you because you are nearer than the others as I wish an answer as soon as possible, by Feb. 8th if convenient for you. Thanking you for the trouble it might make.

I am Respectfully

 Mrs Flora Clayton [signed]

208 E. Girarch Ave

Indianola Iowa


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