Jane Addams to Henry S. Haskell, February 26, 1915


February 26, 1915.

My dear Mr. Haskell: --

I found your letter upon my return to Chicago yesterday, and I am sure I need not tell you how grateful we are for the splendid help accorded us by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

We, of course, accept the terms of the Executive Committee, and I shall be most happy to give a careful report, both of the expenditure of the money and of the reaction of the play upon the various communities in which it is presented.

I have been consulting with Mr. Brown all afternoon, and our first announcements are in the hands of the printer. We will put the advance agent to work at once, and hope to have the play "on the road" by the first week in April; that would finish ten weeks, and give a little breathing space before the Chautauqua Season opens. I will send you our announcement and further details within a few days.

Very sincerely yours,

J A [initialed]