Freeman O. Keene to Matthew B. Marvin, November 30, 1914



Mr. M. B. Marvin,

Dear Sir:

Since talking to you the other day, I have decided to offer you $18,000.00 for the Addams farm. No doubt you will say, this is not enough to even submit to the owner. I want you to look at this proposition from a buyer's stand-point. You are always comparing the Addams farm with other farms that have good buildings and good fences, this is not fair, as the buildings and fences on the Addams farm are almost worthless. Besides this, the buildings set in from the road, and one has to almost pass through a cemetery every time one goes out or in, both of these facts are objectionable to buyers. One half of the farm is very poor, full of big ditches, rough, and it is land that is bound to continually wash, besides the above objections, there is one more, worse than any of them, that is, part of the farm is full of Canadian Thistles. If I am not mistaken, there is a State Law against allowing these to go to seed. In my business, I harvest my crops before they blossom or go to seed, ordinary farmers would have trouble, and I have heard complaint in years past, about this farm in this respect. You have had at least 12 or 15 buyers, that I know of, looking at this farm, so far you have been unable to sell, and you know I have all confidence in your ability to do this kind of business. I honestly believe $18,000.00 is every cent this farm is worth, taking into consideration the condition it is in.

Very truly yours;

F. O. Keene

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