Annie B. Ford to Jane Addams, January 19, 1915


New Harmony. Ind. Jan 19th. 1915.

My dear Miss Addams:

As has happened before, I feel moved to write you.

[clipping] Clipping from Sunday -- Chicago Tribune, and I have read of the "Powers Theatre Meeting" -- and glanced at the Riot columns.!?

Enclosed find two programs (as carried out) in the interest of emphasizing peace conditions in America.

Sing! Sing!! Sing!!!

"I do not wonder at the miracles which poetry attributes to the music of Orpheus, when I remember what I have experienced from the varied notes of the human voice. They are an incalculable energy, which countervails all other forces in nature, because they are the channel of supernatural powers" -- ("The Times" 1841, Emerson) That sentiment is my support in <any> assistance I may <be able to> contribute to the cause. True, I have bordered one large, and two tiny flags, with white -- "Peace Flags". The large one, in view at Sunday's "song service". If the occasion comes, I feel I am in health to carry one in a parade! (since non-partisan demonstrations are countenanced by our President). In addition to Rev. Wall, two other ministers have consented to participate if meetings are continued. Stamps to return enclosures -- if you have no one in mind to whom "the accomplished things'" might be suggestive -- Sincerely -- A. B. Ford. [page 2]

The name "Louis P. Lochner Secy." seems familiar after years, as the individual connected with the founding of "The Cosmopolitan Clubs" in our colleges (?) His article ("Unity" Dec 24th. 1914) "Wanted: Aggressive Pacifism" prompts the thought that he might rouse it through song and banners (and Taxation): Action, with a very little instruction, would impress the young people

A. B. Ford