Matthew B. Marvin to Jane Addams, January 19, 1915


Freeport, Ill.

January 19 1915.

Miss Jane Addams,

Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams:-

Kindly send me the Keene note due January 15th and I will make collection and deposit same as per your instructions of some time ago.

I enclose herewith a letter received from our Mr. Keene, who you no doubt know died a day or two after he wrote this letter, making an offer of $18,000.00 for the farm. I sending it that you may see the criticisms that come up as I take this up with prospective buyers. I have had it up with a man during the past week and he puts up about the same style of talk, offering the same amount. I told him it was out of the question, but I would talk it over with you some day when I went to Chicago, if he would offer me $19,000.00. He did not agree to this, but practically said he would split the difference and offer me $18,500.00. If I can get my commission above this so as to let it net you $18,500.00 would you consider it to the extent of letting me talk it over with you, the first part of next week, if I find I am going to Chicago. I expect I will be in there some time between now and next Wednesday. At this price of course it makes it subject to the lease, so that if he wants to dispose of the tenant he will have to do so himself.

Kindly let me hear from you and return Mr. Keene's letter.

Yours truly,

M. B. Marvin [signed]

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