Albert Jeremiah Beveridge to Jane Addams, December 18, 1913

18 -- 1913.

My dear Miss Addams:

Herewith I [enclose] you another editorial from the Indianapolis News of last night, which will show you how that paper is following up its editorial falsehood about your leaving the Progressive party.

With best wishes,


Albert J. Beveridge [signed]

Miss Jane Addams,

LATER. I noted with interest and entire agreement, your comments on president Wilson's speech to the women who called on him recently. Here is a point, however, that I have not yet seen made.

As I recall it, president Wilson said to the women that he could not recommend anything to Congress that his party platform had not pledged or at least that his party as represented in Congress did not first demand.

And yet, only a few days before in his formal speech to Congress, delivered in person, president Wilson urged upon Congress presidential primaries, which his [party's] platform does not call for and which was not demanded by that party in Congress. On the contrary, his party in Congress actually received this recommendation with disappointment and chagrin. This is absolutely true, no matter how much members of the president's party in Congress, for political purposes, may say they approved this recommendation of the president.

So the president actually did what he told the women he could not do. I thought this might be of interest to you.

AJB. [signed]

Dictated by Mr. Beveridge and authorized to sign for him in his absence. H. L.