Jane Addams to Lucia Ames Mead, December 28, 1914


Dec. 28, 1914.

My dear Mrs. Mead: --

You have doubtless by the time received my letter telling you of the genesis of the meeting in Washington. There was no doubt that a meeting was going to be held and it seemed best to make it as representative as possible. Could you not present to it the "Appeal of the Women" you sent to me. You certainly should have many copies of it there. There is no doubt that a meeting of this sort will obtain publicity and be a splendid point from which to make propoganda.

I think we have minimized the Woman Suffrage aspect. I am enclosing a copy of the "cell," so to speak, in which you see suffrage is not mentioned. I shall feel quite bereft if you and Mrs. Spencer do not take a vigorous hold of the meeting. Might I have some more copies of hte "Appeal" and also of [page 2] the article "America's Leadership for Peace." They both seem to me very fine. I am sure you understand how I was pushed into this Washington meeting and how desirous I am that it should be thoroughly representative. I will later send you a list of all of the bodies invited. The National Peace Societies were of course all included.

Hopng to see you in Washington, I am

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]


I of course wrote to Mrs Barnett & Mrs Sewall but did not know that that you were Chairman of the Peace Com. of the Council.

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