Jane Addams to George Platt Brett Sr., September 8, 1906


Sept. 8, 1906.

My dear Mr. Brett:

As you know, the manuscript for my book the Newer Ideals of Peace has been long overdue. I got it into the final shape last week, and sent it to Professor Ely, as it is to be published in his "Citizen's Library of Economics, Politics, and Sociology". I now learn that Professor Ely will be out of town for several weeks. If it would be to the advantage of the publication to have the manuscript in your hands earlier than the date of his return, I will ask his secretary to send it to you at once. The substance of the book was given in a course of lectures at Madison this summer, and as Professor Ely is so familiar with it, I would not hesitate to take this liberty.  Of course, if the few weeks makes no difference I would much rather [page 2] wait until his return.

Thanking you for your courtesy in the matter, I am

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]

Mr. George R. Brett,
New York City.