Lillian D. Wald to Jane Addams, December 17, 1914



December 17, 1914
Dear Lady:

The delay in answering your letter of the eighth, asking advice about the meeting in Washington, is due to the fact that Paul Kellogg had it, and I only got it back last night.

He was here and Mr. Lovejoy and Sister Kelley, to discuss the meeting that is called for Friday afternoon, a notice of which I sent to you. Mr. Villard understood perfectly that it was to be a meeting to oppose Mr. Mecken's and Mr. George Haven Putnam's organization on "preparedness", but he shows an inclination to make it an anti-armament league. I thought that, since I must speak at the meeting, it would be an occasion to say something that would indicate the sentiments of that Henry Street group, but we have almost repeated the experience of Paul Kellogg, that it was difficult to find a common denominator.

All of us are very sceptical about that Washington meeting. It would seem to me that it would be nagging the President to do something, when there is nothing that he can do. I can't get warm about the idea. But please come to Washington for the Child Labor Conference, and if you are there, we will go over from New York and drag you back for a little rest. [page 2]

A letter from Mary Smith tells me that you are not well, and I am horribly disappointed about Mrs. Bowen. 

I believe Miss Abbott came in for a few minutes this morning, but I did not see her. We shall be so happy to have her with us.

Lovingly yours,
 Lillian D. Wald [signed]

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
Chicago, Illinois