John Bertram Andrews to Jane Addams, November 22, 1910


American Association for Labor Legislation

Metropolitan Tower, New York City,
November 22, 1910


My dear Mr. _____,

In concentrating [organized] effort upon the topics included in the enclosed "Legislative Program," may accomplish definite results.

It is, of course, understood that the Association will continue to cooperate with all other [organizations] interested in the enactment of effective labor laws. But, in the interest of less duplication, and greater economy of effort, the particular field of our own activities will be gradually concentrated upon the immediate problems arising from industrial accidents and diseases, and the constant need of better enforcement of labor laws.

The American Association hopes to be of service to the State Branches and Local Committees, and asks their cooperation in carrying out this program.

Sincerely yours,

for the Executive Committee


Copy of above sent to names on attached list. [page 2]

Mr. Carl Kelsey, Philadelphia.

Mr. Louis Brandeis, Boston.

Mr. Carl E. Parry, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Miss Althea Sommerville, St. Louis.

Professor John H. Gray, Minneapolis.

Professor M. B. Hammond, Columbus, Ohio.

Professor Charles R. Henderson, Chicago.

Miss Jane Addams, Chicago.

Mr. Luke Grant, Chicago.

Mr. Towner K. Webster, Chicago.

Mr. Edwin R. Wright, Chicago.

Professor Graham Taylor, Chicago.

Mrs. Raymond Robins, Chicago.

Miss Cynthelia D. Knefler, St. Louis.

Miss Lucy Lorsey Iams, [Pittsburgh].

Mr. John A. Ryan, St. Paul.

Mr. Harry Thomas, Cleveland.

Mr. Henry Abrahams, Boston.

Mr. Paul J. [Watrous], Madison.

Professor John R. Commons, Madison.