Jane Addams to Rosika Schwimmer, December 11, 1914


December 11, 1914

My dear Madame Schwimmer: --

I sent your telegram on to Miss Holbrook as I do not know what your arrangements are for possible speaking engagements as well as she does.

It will give us much pleasure to have you stay at Hull-House if that is the most convenient place for you. Mrs. Meyer spoke of the possibility of your being on the South Side, and you must come to us or not as best suits your plans. I am sure you know you are always most welcome.

The matter of calling a meeting together in Washington is most difficult. I have received a number of letters from all over the country urging such a meeting, but the basis of constituency is very difficult. There is naturally much emotional reaction against the war, and people are eager to meet and talk about it, but I must say that I dread a large and ill assorted assemblage and doubt if we could do anything with it.

I received Mrs. Catt's kind [page 2] letter and have written her today. Mr. [Lochner] is going to Washington to a meeting of the American Peace Society and you will doubtless see him there.

Always faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Madame Rosika Schwimmer
New York, N.Y.